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The 9-11 Remembrance Flag / 9-11 Never Forget Flag was the first 9-11 flag introduced to the families and rescue workers after the tragedy. Thousands of family members were still searching for their loved ones... many received nothing. The 9-11 Remembrance Flag was something tangible to show the world that their loved ones were still out there, needed to be found, and would not be forgotten. 

The first 9-11 Remembrance Flag was donated to a rescue worker at Ground Zero in December 2001. To date, more than three thousand flags have been donated to the families, survivors, and rescue workers. The flag was initially designed to let those who suffered loss know that they were not alone. It was a small gesture of hope and remembrance.

Today this flag is a symbol to the world that  WE WILL NEVER FORGET


                          THE ORIGINAL 9-11 FLAG                        THIS VERSION WAS CREATED IN 2004
  • The stars symbolize the planes that were needlessly sacrificed on 9-11-01. The star outside the pentagon represents the plane diverted by the brave passengers, saving hundreds of lives.

  • The red background symbolizes the lives lost and bloodshed of our fellow Americans... past, present and future.

  • The Pentagon and two rectangles represent three of the most recognized structures ever built on US soil. The Twin Towers may be out of our sights, but never out of our minds.

  • The circle encompassing the Pentagon represents the unity that occurred after the tragedy. Instead of fear and helplessness, the nation united to comfort grieving hearts and restore shattered dreams.

  • The GOD BLESS AMERICA slogan has been adopted to represent the hope and faith of our nation... a reminder to the world that good will always prevail.